Born and brought up in New Zealand, Steve has an inimitable speaking style that is informal, humorous and inspirational.

He is easily able to convey his life experiences in a way that is down to earth and easy to understand and relate to, and which leaves audiences with the motivation to make the most of the opportunities that life gives to them.

"What made hearing his story even more interesting and affecting for me as a non- climber and long-time student of the human race was his frankness about his emotions during it all, especially on the Big Day itself. He described walking in to the cliff trying to think of every excuse possible to get out of doing it. On arriving, he was terrified, panicky and shaking. Then he got out his iPod, started listening to some music and getting his gear out. Suddenly his mind cleared, he relaxed, and knew he was going to do it." Northumbrian Mountaineering Club

The experiences and skills that Steve has gained throughout his working life and own adventures make him a versatile speaker who is able to relate to a wide range of audiences.

These skills, in addition to his experience of being diagnosed with RP mean that he can offer a range of speaking topics, including overcoming challenge, managing change, determination to succeed and achieving goals.

During his career to date, he has worked as a highly qualified outdoor instructor, providing life-changing experiences to a wide range of people ranging from vulnerable children and young offenders to highly motivated adults.

"As part of health & wellbeing week at school I invited Steve to talk to our children about motivation and resilience, based on his epic climb up Zodiac a couple of years ago. He was entertaining, inspiring and informative with a big twist of humour. The children (and staff) loved his charismatic character. Hearing about his feat captured their imagination, as they asked questions about how he went to the toilet and why he even wanted to do it in the first place!? Most importantly though, they were left with inspiration and the realisation that anything is possible if you're prepared to work for it!" - Jen Price, Logie Primary School.

He has also developed a successful bike recycling project, leading a team of people to meet challenging targets.

His current role of training and racing as a member of the GB Paralympic Podium squad adds yet another set of learning experiences to Steve's portfolio, making him the perfect speaker for events, business development and leadership workshops as well as schools and groups of young people.

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